Gipsies in Tbilisi came from Azerbaijan…

26 11 2010

The streets of Tbilisi not only for walking  also they are a place for earning money. While walking in streets you can see various  type of people who are engaged in begging in the different places of city.  You can see them everywhere, in streets, metro and parks and so on.

One part of them are gipsies. They came to Tbilisi from Azerbaijan, from the region of Yevlakh. They have own house here.

Ten years old Namik said that they are already 3 years begging here. He is begging with his sister Konul. She is twelve.

“We came to Tbilisi three years ago. We go to begging every day. Our work finishes nearly at seven or eight o’clock. Then we return  home and give the earn moneys to my father and mother” said little Namik.

Konul said that she never seen her father working. “My mother sometimes begging with us, but my father never goes out for this. He is resting every day, but we walking whole day in streets  and gave him. He lives with our labour” added Konul.

Because of they are not georgian and they don’t know Georgian language it’s very difficult for them to understand everything in streets. They have learned only some special senteces for begging. Little Namik said that it’s not difficult to work here although you don’t know language.

“When we came here our parents teach us how to ask for money. We know only few sentences, but we are doing our work. If sometimes they abuse us we don’t understand it and this is not problem for us. Our work is to earn money and we do it as we can” said Namik.

“During three years Tbilisian people don’t treat us roughly, sometimes they wound us but it happens rarely, when we bored pople for money they  shout  us” said Konul.

Mother of these two children Gunay said that our men never works. “It’s our tradition. The women have to beg for her children. But I don’t want my children to be engaged with begging, the hard life forces us to send them to streets.”

Gipsies think that women can’t work as a teacher or doctor. This is shame for women. “Our men look to begging of women as a honourable work. We can’t imagine us without begging and we do it only for our children. Generally our work more hard than other women, because we are walking  in streets from morning till night ” said Gunay.




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