20 09 2011


War never have brought a happiness to any nation. It can only leave destroyed houses and ruins after itself. But the main victims of war always are children…

It’s already nearly 20 years Azerbaijan is fightning with Armenia for getting back its territories. Although have been signed a cease fire on May 12, 1994 between Azerbaijan and Armenia,  but the battle continues till nowadays.Unfortunately, with the situation of cease-fire country permanently have the losses, including children.

The demonstrated photos and footages have been shot from two regions of Azerbaijan which are part of them under occupation now. One of them Agdam, second is Fizuli.

Agdam  occupated on July 23, 1993. With the occupation of Agdam region Azerbaijani economy have lost approximately four milliard dollar means  (three milliard Azerbaijani manat). 70% of lands of Agdam under occupation, from the 40 thousand hectare  of  lands people  can use 17 thousand hectare.

Fizuli was occupied on August 23, 1993 after long and fierce fighting .  Armenian troops occupied 93% of Fizuli region. Over 1100 Fizuli residents became martyrs, 113 were taken hostages and 1450 were disabled. The Armenian attacks on Fizuli District began in 1988 at the start of the war over the Azerbaijani territory of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Fizuli’s distinctive flora included 11 plane trees between 200 and 1,400 years of age.

The Ecology Ministry’s Centre for the Assessment of the Destructive Impact on the Environment and Natural Resources in the Occupied Azerbaijani Territories found that the Armenians had cut down trees in the villages of Dovlatyarli and Gochahmadli in Fizuli District, destroyed vegetation in Yaglivand village and between 2006 and 2009 burned over 35,000 hectares of land.




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