Givi Candarelli

26 11 2010

My first radio project


Breast Cancer needs check up in early stages

26 11 2010

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among women in Georgia nowadays.

The chance of getting invasive breast cancer sometime in a woman’s life was around 12 percent in 2008 according to statistics from the National Center of Disease.

According to the Mammolog of Oncological Clinic “Cheiron” Irakli Kokhreidze  said that if in previous years it meets in 1-in 9 – person,  now this number is 1-in-8.

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Dighomi Park

3 10 2010

Dighomi Park

Writer: Ulviyya Guliyeva

Camerawoman: Lala Kazakova

Editor: Zura Balanchivadze

Unregistered mosques

3 10 2010

There is a only one registered mosque in Georgia between 57 mosque. But this mosque registered as a museum.

Writer: Lala Kazakova

Cameraman: Zura Balanchivadze

Editor: Ulviyya Guliyeva

The river – which connects three Caucasus countries.

17 07 2010

Ulviyya Guliyeva


The destiny of Kura river depends on the three South Caucasus  countries.  After the disintegration  of the Soviet Union the control of treatment of trans-boundary rivers of  Kura and Araks stayed under responsibilities of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Ecologists across the south Caucasus are sounding the alarm over pollution affecting the region’s major waterway, the river Kura. Industrial and municipal waste continues to find its way into the river, posing potential health hazards to people for whom its waters are a vital source of drinking water, irrigation and fish. Read the rest of this entry »

Small Turkish District in Tbilisi

22 02 2010

Early Pregnancy HIV Test Can Save Child’s Life

20 02 2010

By Ulviya Guliyeva, TBILISI, GeorgiaIt was the day before Christmas, and  Twenty four year old Marine (not her real name) was pregnant three weeks and the happiest woman in the world until she got some shocking news: she tested positively for the HIV Virus, which causes AIDS.  Read the rest of this entry »